Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wharfedale Moviestar Home Theatre speaker Moviestar 65+ - User Review

First Look

Wharfedale. the name itself says the product will be well above your expectation, however they look. The Moviestar 65+ comes to you as a neatly packed box with strongly built  real wood finish. The surrounds are also sleek to fit your palm. The subwoofer will also not create any visual annoyance. Set us will be done in a breeze.  

Technical aspects

Keeping in the mind the price you paid for it, it ought to be simple, and it is so. The material is ABS plastic, in place of very high grade one to keep the system affordable.
The satellites houses full range 3" paper cone driver capable of handling frequencies 130Hz to 20kHz. The houses a 8" long throw bass driver and handles frequency of 35 Hz at the lowest end.

Bottom line

Bottom line of course is the rock bottom pricing. In this price range you are getting a full fledged no frill home theatre system from a reputed company like wharfedale, is a steal. The system is very compact and in terms of sound quality, it will pay back every penny you have spent for it.